Misha B Gets The Sympathy Votes

By Nicky Manchester

X Factor? It's the eXit Factor for me I'm afraid! My TV will not be hitting the ITV buttons on a Saturday night for this pile of tripe. I DID love, Gary Barlow from, Take That, but I really cannot stand listening to his one pitch drone any more! He's trying to do a Cowell and is failing miserably! And what about Tulisa? She's Tulisa NOT Cheryl Cole, so the X Factor stylists need to back off and bring back Tulisa! Louie Walsh? Well I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but the show lost one of its best performers from Louie's group - Johnny Robinson. Bring back, Johnny! Last but not least, Kelly Rowland. OK, well lets hear what the Daily Mail has to say about her efforts and her acts:

She has been in the bottom two on the X Factor for the past two weeks, so Misha B's relief and shock were understandable when she was the first contestant announced as 'safe' during Sunday's results show.
But viewers immediately began a frenzied debate on social networking sites over whether her 'sob story' on Saturday night's show had been exploited by producers as a ploy to keep their pet contestant in the competition.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2064105/X-Factor-2011-Did-producers-play-Misha-Bs-sob-story-sympathy-votes.html#ixzz1eN0iqbOX