Prison, Drugs & Relationships - By 'Jane'

( Via Facebook message )

Not sure where to start, but the beginning sounds good to me. My partner was sent to prison in 2010 and I was glad he was. The reason I was glad was because every drug detox agency he attended was no good. It was no good because he wasn't interested in coming off drugs! So he chose prison because it was only a matter of time before he went there anyway, and a weight off my mind knowing he was in prison rather than being on a morgue gurney! That's the only reason I was glad he was in prison, not glad because he stole from houses and certainly not glad he was labelled a criminal. But if you have ever lived with an addict, then prison is some kind of relief and you don't have to hide your purse anymore! As far as I was aware, he was doing 'OK' in prison. He was on some kind of detox programme and I was pleased he was getting some help. I visited him and even the colour and condition of his skin had improved. That's until a few months down the line when I noticed his eyes were 'pinned up' and he started ringing asking me for money so he could 'order' some clothes out of the prison catalogue. What he forgot was that I had lived with him and knew exactly when he was lying, so he got no money from me. What I did find out though, was that he was writing to another woman who was sending him money. She even met me and showed me some of his letters, or should I say jail mail, because he claimed to have fallen in love with her. She got well and truly add over because on his release, he went straight to his mothers home and never got in touch with his 'prison lover.' After 12 months of standing by him, he never got back in touch with me either! I just thought I'd share my story with you all because this situation is tough, it is very very tough and I would like to know how many relationships involving substance abuse survive? A great blog by the way and thanks for adding me over on Facebook.