Prison Food Makes Wig - By Prison Widow

My prison pen-pal often shares his stories about 'the prison cat'. The little chap often wanders around the prison grounds minding his own business. All the prisoners are extremely fond of him. A few weeks ago, my pen-pal wrote to me expressing his concerns about, Ron, the prison cat. He said he felt that, Ron, acted too feminine to be a tom cat and he wanted to help. The prison Governor wasn't for listening so I suggested something. My pen-pal always complains that the cabbage isn't cooked right and he's sick of eating crap prison food. So I told him that the next time, Ron, curls up outside his cell window, he could put the crap prison cabbage to use by providing a wig for, Ron. Ron absolutely loves his new look and the prisoners have re-named him/her, Ronette.