Repeat Offending - By Ellen

Hi everyone! Do you know what? I am so damn glad that 'Emm's' ( below post ) has had the guts to write about her feelings having a partner in prison. I once went on a discussion board online and was slated because I said that my boyfriend deserved to be in prison. What angers me is, some women who have a partner in jail and are guilty as sin, mope about, and attack people like me for being honest. I too am not saying that the system is great, not by a long shot. I feel for those in jail who are innocent etc. But those who repeatedly commit crime know exactly what they are doing and know exactly what the consequences are. It is absurd that some people stand by someone who cannot learn by their mistakes, especially if they have children. Prisoners who repeatedly offend and expect their partners to drag their kids on prison visits for the rest of their life's disgust me to be quite honest with you. Families to a degree can help offenders, but the real hard work falls on the toes of the offender themselves. You've got a pretty good blog going on here by the way, I've enjoyed reading the posts!