Some Prisoners Do Learn - By Carol

I ‘m glad of Big Gob’s take of Emm’s post. Funnily enough I was discussing this with my husband at visiting time yesterday – sorry Emm, but I do feel sorry for my husband inside, he’s your classic “learned by his mistake” and sending him to prison is a waste of time and money. He was explaining to me that there is a hard core of repeat offenders that do go inside for the “craic” and, yes, scream naive at me, I was amazed. I do agree with “do the crime, do the time” but struggle with him doing nothing of any use whilst inside. I’d rather he was on the outside working, even paying 40% of his wages to Victim Support – at least he would be a useful member of society. But I suppose he is in the minority.
Anyway, we are all entitled to our opinions and Emm’s was a refreshing take on life of us on the outside – well done you!