Support For Prisoners Families - By R

I can't even bear to think what a court case is like for victims of crime and before I go any further, what I am about to say is not in any way dismissing them by talking about families of offenders. I have recently been to my brothers trial. What he did was a disgrace but he is my brother. Some would walk away and others like myself don't. Don't get me wrong, I am not defending him or feeling sorry for him by a long shot, but he's my brother. Whether or not families walk or choose otherwise, it's a personal decision and not an easy one. Shoes in this situation have to be walked in before anyone can judge. To sit in court and listen to the proceedings was so hard. It was heartbreaking to see the victims family and it is something I really would not wish on my worst enemy. Some of my friends have even snubbed me for standing by my brother. Maybe they aren't friends if that is the case? To cut a long story short, the court case has shattered me and I am having horrendous nightmares. When I tell close family ( who have washed their hands of him ) they always say, " imagine the victims." I can't because I can never imagine what they are going through, but this has affected me too. Not one of them is prepared to listen to me, so I am on this journey alone. If it wasn't for others on social networking sites where I have been able to talk on line safely with others in this situation, I would have cracked up. So thank you for providing us with something that will obviously never get better, but it does make things just a tad bit easier knowing that I am not alone and others are experiencing this journey. Thank you.

Comment: Social networking sites are indeed great places to chat, but we always insist that people are careful and vigilant.