Young Offender Just Shrugs His Shoulders - By Mum

My s0n was released from prison a few months ago. What beggars belief is this. He has got himself a flat and says he is sorting himself out, yet a council tax bill final demand comes through the door and he says he isn't paying it and that they can **** off because he'd rather go to prison than pay it. That's his attitude at the moment, but what are they really teaching young offenders in prison? Because quite clearly prison has not taught my son a lesson. He went inside for driving fines and his attitude is far worse than it was before he went in! I am honestly at my wits end with him. He told his cousin that prison was a breeze. As a mum and a concerned mum who has done nothing but support and love him, this attitude is very worrying. He just shrugs his shoulders and doesn't have a care in the world!