Blamed Because Of Son's Crime - By Anon

Story sent via PFV email - Name protected.

Hi, I would like to share a bit of my story with you and would appreciate it if you could keep my name and details confidential. My son was sent to prison with a recommended sentence of 14 years. The crime he committed was horrendous so I would rather not go in to detail about it. He had never been in trouble previously and what he did was so out of character but nevertheless unforgivable. Since then, my whole family has been blaming me. They have blamed me for living with the shame within the community and won't listen to a thing I have to say. All our family have been affected by this and it's been difficult as we live in the same as the victims family. My son is 23 and I never told him go go out and commit a crime. The only person who will listen to me is an old friend who my family can't stand also because she has had a drug problem in the past, but she listens to me and that's all I want at this moment in time. The last thing I need is the finger being pointed at me. I know this has hurt and shamed my family deeply, but it helps no one if the blame is put on me. He's my son but I'm not the criminal in all this. I never ever thought I would ever be in this situation. But I am and I can't turn back the clock. I just need a shoulder and a ear sometimes, not blame. Thank you.