Do Christmas For The Children - By R

I would like to respond to the post about the lady who said she hoped her husband was learning his lesson because he can't be home for Christmas. Many would probably disagree with her, but I don't. My kids are going to miss their Dad so so much this Christmas and I feel bitter towards him for putting us all through this. Some families cannot have their loved ones with them this Christmas because they have departed from this world, yet my partner chooses not to be with his family because he goes out and gets himself charged with an offence and gets locked up in prison. But no matter what, I will make sure my kids have a good Christmas because they are all that matters. I would like to wish others in my situation a lovely Christmas and to those who have a loved one in prison who are innocent, my thoughts will be with you all. A merry Christmas too to everyone who runs the PFV blog and thanks for making it a great platform so that families of prisoners can speak out.