In Prison For Christmas - By Sonia D

My son won't talk about Christmas or tell me what he would like for Christmas. His Dad is in prison and the other day I found a letter to Santa asking him if he can bring his Dad home. I am really trying my hardest by putting up the tree and decorations etc and basically trying to make things as normal as I can, but he is not interested. He has always loved Christmas and the other day when his Dad ( my partner ) rang from prison, I ended up slamming the phone down on him because of what he is putting our son through. His Dad didn't get a short sentence so we have a fair few Christmas's to get through without him, but I don't want our son feeling this way every year at Xmas. I know this is something me and my son have to sort out ourselves, but I would just like to say that there really isn't enough support at all for children affected by having a parent in prison.

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