Prison Visit Booking Clerk Degrades Pensioner

I would also like to comment on prison visit booking lines. My problem is the way the prison treats my mother. She is a pensioner and the prison situation is totally alien to her. A few weeks ago, whilst I was working away, she had to ring herself to book a visit. The booking clerk was a complete cow with my Mum by being obnoxious and rude. Certain things on a V.O ( visiting order) need to be verified, and my Mum got all flustered because she had never booked a visit before. She ended up in tears and needless to say when I got home, I rang them and blasted them as well as sending the prison Governor a letter. There is no need to treat us in this manner. For many families, it's upsetting and degrading enough having to walk through a prison visit door without being treated like morons by some HMP jobsworth!

By Gill ( Via PFV Facebook )