Prison Visit Booking Lines - By Amanda J

HM Prison Service state that they will do anything to ensure that families of prisoners are treated fairly and that their experience is not a painful one. OK, so then why am I spending hours of my time trying to book a visit to see my partner? Sometimes after waiting and waiting on the telephone line, I finally get through, only to be cut off and my having to re-dial again faced with yet another lengthy wait! This is not acceptable and over the 15 months my partner has been inside, I have used and wasted hundreds of pounds of credit on my mobile phone trying to get through to a booking line. Surely by now there should be an easier way to book visits and of course to save money for families. I accept that we are visiting people in prison who have broken the law, but the fact of the matter is, that people like myself and thousands of other families haven't! Maybe prisoners families should club together and file a compensation claim for the hundreds of pounds they are being charged by the prison service for a service that is a shambles most of the time. Prisoners have their rights for visits from their loved ones and friends and we have the right to visit them. But how much exactly is this costing innocent families?