Prisoners Families Sentenced Too - By 'Jane'

Hi PFV. I found you through my partner who is currently in prison. He sent me a page cutting from the prison newspaper, Inside Time. Our daughter is 3 years old and she will be 17 when she will be able to spend her first 'memorable' Christmas with her Dad. This is his first Christmas behind bars and according to him, he is not coping at the moment. His parents are elderly and I hate saying this, but I doubt any of them will be alive when he is released. I pray they are, but realistically we all know deep down it will be some kind of miracle. Life is too short isn't it? Damn right it is! Yet my partner threw his away when he decided to abuse valium and woke up in a police cell with a hefty charge sheet. Sometimes I am so annoyed with him that I ignore his prison phone calls and make excuses that I can't visit. It depends how I feel at the time. Some weeks are better than others because I feel like I'm serving a prison sentence too. His parents aren't aware that he is suffering depression at the moment. I do hold things back from them as to not worry them because they do not need stress in their life's at their age. Then I'm holding back from my partner that hia Dad is not in the best of health and is having to have a scan, so I really feel torn in both directions, trying to carry on as normal when quite clearly nothing is normal. I agree with so many of your bloggers that I wouldn't wish this crap on my worst enemy. When someone is sentenced to prison - their family is sentenced alongside them!