Xmas Prison Questions - By San

Hi PFV. I hope you all had a lovely Xmas Day! I made my son's Xmas Day a good one as it is his first one without his Dad. But I wasn't prepared for the questions he was asking me and they made me real sad. My son is 6 years old and he was asking how Santa got in to prison to take his Dad's Xmas present. He asked if he uses magic keys to get through the prison doors etc. Then he said that his Dad won't get anything because he has been bad. It was a confusing topic for him so I changed the subject. It was obviously on his mind though. He faces another Xmas without his Dad next year so I am going to prepare myself next time around. My son was even asking his Dad things on the phone which I think my partner really struggled to answer. I just thought I'd write in to tell you about my experience. Prison affects children in lots and lots of ways and those who commit crime and carry on committing it should stop their selfishness and think about what this does to their children.