Bolton Community Drugs Team - By Pammy

Hi PFV! I know this a delicate subject for some, but even so, it does need addressing. My partner has been in prison on drug related crimes. He has been out of prison for nearly a year and is on a Methadone script. He attends Bolton CDT (Community Drugs Team ) and goes to pick up his script every week to take to the chemist. On occasions and because he works full-time, I have had to ring the Community Drugs Team and re-arrange his appointments. But there is a big but. His drugs worker ( although she has met me ) is reluctant to talk to me because of data protection even when my partner has told her that it is OK for her to discuss appointments with me. I have stood by my partner whilst he was in 'prison detox' and stood by him all the way through his prison sentence. I have had a huge impact on his resettlement, yet these bloody drug workers treat me like I am some kind of moron. The Government, as many of your readers point out, shout out that families of offenders can make a huge difference when it comes to resettlement. Yet some places ( like drug teams etc ) shun family members. I know my partner better than any drugs worker for God sake! So can someone please explain why some drug agencies treat families unfairly? I'm not impressed whatsoever. Long live your blog by the way and I'm chuffed I'm from Prison Widow's neck of the woods which I found out recently on your Facebook page!