Eye Candy For Prison Officers

By Guest Writer Susan Davidson ( Partner of a Prisoner )

I have been visiting prison's twice a month solid for 5 years. Whilst doing so, I have met all kinds of different people from young to old. I have had cups of coffee with some families and I have nearly choked to death off perfume and hairspray in the visitor's centre's loo's. Once inside the visits room, I have witnessed the elderly cry and seen the young sticking their tongues down their partners throat whilst flashing the cleavage. And the latter becomes the table that most male prison officers focus on. Sexist? Far from it! I have watched prison officers nudge each other at the eye candy that walks in to visit rooms. Then I question whether or not some of the women dress inappropriately and personally I think they do. Maybe I'm old fashioned or a stick in the mud, but these are prison's we visit, not night clubs. The Prison Service are quick to lay down the law for prison visitors and pose on us strict search procedures, yet they allow women through their doors that mirror the likes of, Jodie Marsh and Katie Price on their way out for a night in Soho! What are your opinions on this?

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