Families Left Out Of Rehabilitation Programmes - By Tessa

Hi. I would like to comment on, Pammy's, post please. Bolton Community Drugs Team.
I don't live in the same area ( Bolton ) but I have experienced the same problem in Leeds where I live.
My husband is on a methadone programme for heroin addiction with a local drugs team. He has recently finished a 7 year prison sentence for a drug related offence. I, like many family members of an offender, stood by him and supported him. I even attended a conference with my husband whilst he was in prison to talk about how he had progressed. This involved meeting his drug worker and inside probation officer as he was on a TC wing in prison. ( Therapeutic Community Wing ) But as soon as he was released, he had a lapse and began a methadone programme. Like Pammy, I have literally found it impossible to communicate with his drugs worker. My husband has no problem with me ringing his drugs worker and has told her so, but she is very arrogant and is reluctant to talk to me. I agree with Pammy very much. If the Government along with agencies harp on about the importance of family support, then agencies like drug support should involve families who wish to be involved with their loved-ones progression. Why leave us out in the cold? When all said and done, it is US who live with them 24/7 - Not the support workers!