Filming Prisoners Families? - By Shona

Hi!There's something that's always baffled me - or maybe not when I sit down and really get my brain in to gear! With all the prison documentaries that have been floating around on TV, I wondered whether any TV company have considered airing one that involves the families of prisoners and what shit they have to go through? Like how the prison lose prisoners property ( that families have bought from their own pocket) and how after travelling hours to see a loved one in prison, you get put on a closed visit for less than an hour because the 'faulty' drugs dog says you have too! I could go on and on and on, but common sense tells me that TV companies are only interested in the prisoners and the characters they have banged up in jails. Families of prisoners won't even get a look in - probably because the truth hurts and the prison service cannot be made out to look like morons in front of the general public!