Letter Destroys Prisoner - By Anxious Mum

My daughter is 12 and like a lot of your readers, her Dad is in prison and won't be released until she is roughly 24 years of age. The other morning, her Dad rang me to tell me he had received a letter from her telling him that she hates his guts and never wants to see him again. He was distraught. I asked her about this and she admitted that she sent the letter and that she copied the address and his prison number from my note book at the side of the phone. She said that he has ruined her life because he has committed a crime that has put him in prison. He was sentenced to prison for a violent robbery. I don't honestly know what to do at all. What do I do and where do I go from here? Thanks in advance.

Comment: PFV has sent the writer a list of support groups of which some of them can be found on the left hand side column of the blog.