It's A Better Life In Prison - By Anon

My brother is in prison. He's 32 years of age. He sent me a letter last week talking about his release. ( Which is in March of this year) I cannot believe what he actually put in the letter! He talked about unemployment and that when he gets his own flat, debt collectors will track him down for money he owes etc. He then said that it's less stressful being in prison and that the outside is just too much stress. Basically he said that if it gets too much, he's going back in prison. I am shocked and upset that he thinks this way and have tried to talk some sense in to him, but he said that there is no way he is living on the out if it makes him ill! What kind of message does this send out at all? We are all under financial pressure right now, but I would never choose prison as an easy way out so to speak. Does anyone else know of anyone who thinks this way?