My Partner And Son Are Both In Prison - By A

Dear Prisoners Families Voices. I do visits to different prison's on a regular basis because both my partner and son are in prison. My family do not speak to me because they blame me for not leaving my partner which they say has resulted in my son becoming a criminal and ending up the same way as his dad. His dad has been in prison for most of my son's life. So he hasn't been around much. The only contact my son had was when I took him to visit his dad. I often think, " Did prison not frighten my son seeing his dad sat there"? Hundreds of questions run through my mind. And up to the age of 17, my son was a model student and a great kid. Things went wrong which I would rather not speak about because it is too upsetting. None of my family have stepped back and thought, " It's their fault." They are blaming me, blaming me for raising my son through prison visits. I thought that the more contact my son had with his dad on prison visits would make him realise that prison is a mugs game. But how is it my fault?

( Post edited with writers permission. Received via PFV Facebook )