Order Is Needed In Visit Rooms - By Mazzy

Hi, I would like to respond to Susan's post on prison visitors dressing inappropriately.
See above link.
To be frank, I think some prison visitors go way over the top and it makes them look ridiculous. I remember on one visit a girl wearing a really short skirt, boobs half falling out of her top, and make-up as heavy as a drag queens! Then she practically dives on her partner kissing him throughout the visit ( even when told not too by the prison officers ) leaving her kids to run wild screaming all over the visits room. Fair enough, we miss our partners in prison, but for God sake, a little bit of respect should be in order for other visitors and control should definitely be in order keeping children under control. We are all in the same boat, but when we are imposed on by other peoples children at our tables, that's when it becomes a bit naughty.