Prison and Financial Hardship - By Anonymous

I know there are more serious issues going on in this country concerning money, but I am absolutely fuming at my partner - who is in prison. When he was sent down, I had to sort out all the bills and bills that kept on coming through the letterbox for him. I was at my wits end and I'm still struggling financially because I pay for some household items we have, weekly, and I need to keep them, so I have to pay for them. He contributed, so of course I am missing his financial support a lot. I basically eat beans on toast most of the time, so I can keep up with re-payments. Very grim, I know, but other people are in the same situation in this useless country we call the UK. Anyway, my partner rings me and more or less demands money. It's not a lot he asks for, but nevertheless I cannot afford to send him even £5.00 at this moment in time. After everything we've been through together, he then wrote to me saying that if I can't send him any money, then he will write to another woman who will! How sick is that? I'm at the stage where I really couldn't care less whether he writes to 50 women, because I don't need his demands right now, but how unfair is it for other women who are going to be taken in by his crap, because he can talk the talk that's for sure! I never knew how bad this prison situation can get and we have no children thankfully. If we had, I honestly do not know how I would cope at all. Blessings to all in this situation and all I can say is, just keep marching on.