Prison Service Is Unfair On Families - By Kassie B

Hey everyone at PFV! I came across your blog through Inside Time prison newspaper! Liking prison widow's stories by the way! It makes for good reading and lightens things up for us! Anyway, what I want to write about is the many families who struggle to visit their loved ones in prison because the prison service ship them out bloody hundreds of miles away from home. I get that some prisoners may have to move prison's to progress through the system etc. But some are shipped out for spite in my opinion! To visit my hubby, it takes me 2.5 hours on an all round trip on the lovable British public transport. It's a drag, but I'm in good enough health to do it. On the other hand, my hubby's parents aren't. Unless a relative offers to drive us to the prison ( which is more or less once a year ) his parents cannot visit through health problems that would take me hours to explain. Do the prison service think this is fair? I know the general public would, but I couldn't give a toss what they think as they obviously cannot establish the innocent parties in this situation. So I wonder what the prison service think? The same prison service who bang on about maintaining family ties and all that rubbish - and it is rubbish! Prisoners families are constantly drawing the short straw when it comes to others assuming what is best for them. What is best for prisoners families is bloody regular visits to see their loved ones in prison. My hubby's parents are in a position were this is just not possible!