Prison Visits Are Not Playgrounds - By Emma

order is needed on prison visits

RE: Above post.

Hi. I am a prisoners partner and I think that order is much needed on prison visits. Don't get me wrong, I love kids, but when I travel nearly 3 hours to see my man, I at least expect the visit to be a one on one, not shooing kids away from our table. Every minute is precious when visiting because we don't get long. I get furious when some parents/visitors let their kids run riot everywhere in the visits hall. Some charities and Governing bodies seem to think that prisoners families can lower the re-offending rate by keeping in touch with their loved ones in prison and visiting as frequently as they can. I too think this is a possibility for some, but not all. The reason I think this is because some visitors do not have respect for others by allowing their kids to run and scream like it's a playground. Prison visits are not playgrounds, they are supposed to be places where family members can talk and maintain the little ties the prison service allows us to. So for those who ignore their children on visits, my message is clear... Get a grip and show some respect for visitors who want some privacy!