Prisoners Children - By Sunnygirl

I haven't spoke up before but after finding your blog, I would like the opportunity. My husband is in prison and has been in prison since 2010. Our daughter has been bullied at school and has had a hard time. The bullying has stemmed from her Dad being in prison by the way. In summer of 2011, just after summer half term, my daughter along with her class room pals, were asked to draw a picture of what they did in the summer holidays. My daughter drew a prison and gaurds, which the teacher questioned whether her Dad was in the army. My daughter, not realising the stigma involved, innocently told the teacher and her class that her Dad was in prison and that was a picture of the prison were she visited over the summer holidays. I just feel gutted that my daughter has been through this and the humiliation she went through and is still experiencing. Her teacher has been pretty good in keeping her eye on my daughter but the bullying is still happening. Mainly at break time. I'm thinking of taking her out of the school and finding her another one, but this could well happen in any school. I know I'm not on my own as I have read other posts and stories on the net about this situation. But why does it seem that no-one is helping children who have a Mum or Dad in prison? Is this normal for them to be ignored?