Probation - By Miss Goldie

OK, where do I start? My man has been out of prison for just over 16 months. He's on licence and is doing well in a full time job. In the 16 months, he has had four probation officers and each time they hand him over to someone else, he gets a letter saying he's missed his appointment and has to prove why he never turned up. Fair enough I hear you say, but there's a but. His first and second probation officer worked around my man's shifts which worked well. The third probation officer looked like she had come out of a youth club and the present one now, well, the word thick as pig poop springs to mind. She sent a letter out saying she would breach my man if he didn't prove why he never turned up at his appointment. Do probation officers EVER read their NEW clients case files beforehand? I must admit, it has been a complete and utter waste of his time being on licence. I know it's the law blah blah blah, but it's a complete bloody farce for many that have to turn up to be seen for 5 minutes. Not impressed with the service one bit!