Probation Service Doesn't Work - By Shelly

Hi to all. To be honest with everyone, I don't mind the 5 minute probation appointment because they aren't worth any longer anyway! My partner is on licence and his appointments only consist of the pleasantries which are, 'how are you'? His probation officer can't ask him anything else because it has been myself and my partner who has pulled out all the stops during his resettlement on the outside. It has been myself who has done his CV, and it has been down to him to find employment which he has done. My thoughts on the probation service are negative ones if I am truthful. Like the previous poster on your website, I agree with her that I find the service a complete waste of time and all my partner is doing is 'checking in.' If this is the case, then why don't they use the local police stations to do this because it costs my partner over £5.00 to get to the probation office to inform them that he is OK! What is the bloody point of this service if this is all they have to offer? Fair enough, I know that some ex offenders need support with CV's etc, but I know ex offenders who have never had the help off probation anyway! Personally they need to scrap the service and come up with something alternative. If the service only consists of 'the probation meet and greet' then quite clearly the service isn't working! A waste of tax-payers money!