Release From Prison - By Joanne

I read a lot of stories about how excited families are when their loved one is released from prison. I was too and those who are waiting for someone serving a long sentence I can fully understand why because I was in this situation. Sadly, the pressure of life on the outside is just too much for my partner and myself. He served just over 12 years in prison and cannot understand why it is so difficult to find a job. Times out here have changed and he is struggling. We are constantly arguing and the stress is unbearable to the point that we are now relying on probation to find him alternative accommodation. No one prepares families for this. I know how difficult it must be for someone being released from prison after a long sentence, but isn't that what prison is for? Preparing someone for the outside and to be a better person? We have children aged 14 and 17 who both still live at home and are becoming aggressive towards their Dad, because number 1, their Dad is depressed and is taking it out on me, and number 2, the kids have lost that bond with him therefore feel that there is a stranger in the house. It is a nightmare. Charities, organisations and other governing bodies stipulate how important it is to maintain family ties, yet none of them help us to prepare for our loved ones release from prison. Most of the support they provide is for families with a loved one in prison - families need further support for release because it is the hardest part of being a prisoners family member in my opinion.