Struggling With Freedom - By Janis

Hi. I have just been reading your excellent blog and would like to share a story with you. Three years ago, my partner was released from prison. Like some of you, we struggled as a family with his release. He hadn't been at home for a good while and two of our children were teenagers when he was released. For the last two years of my partners sentence, the kids didn't want to go and visit him and when he came home on weekend leave, they were out with their mates. You can't force your kids to prison visit, so the bond between father and kids was lost. For charities to say that it is important to maintain family ties is true, but they need to back this up with reality also. Some kids when reaching certain ages do not want to prison visit. Therefore the bond starts to dwindle a little. I agree with others on your blog that more awareness needs to be raised about certain problems concerning prison release. It is all well and good receiving romantic cards and letters through the post, but release is reality. It doesn't become part of the jail mail category any more. It's three years down the line for us and still my partner struggles with outside life. I'm not disputing that for some it works out. But many of us amble through it in silence and the situation regarding prison release should be brought to the forefront a bit more than it is.