UK Government Ignores Prisoners Children - By Lindy

My daughter is 15 and her dad has been in prison since she was 12. She seemed to cope reasonably well at first, but now she is getting older, it is affecting her. She doesn't get to see her dad often because he is in a prison far from where we live, so her only contact is through letters and phone calls. The phone calls aren't great because they cannot have a lengthy conversation because of the expensive call charges from prison. So all in all, it's mainly down to letters. Needless to say, this has caused a problem lately because she says she feels she cannot express what she wants to says properly. No doubt other prisoners families have the same problem sometimes. I feel she needs some counselling and I am appalled that the UK Government have not got anything in place for children of prisoners! Shame on them! Blair, Brown, Cameron, have all banged on about children being our future - well lets see some walking instead of the constant talking then!