Will Mum Still Be Here On My Son's Release?

By Anonymous ( Via Prisoners Families Voices Facebook )

Hello to all. Firstly, thanks for giving families of prisoners a place to go. I have read your blog for a few months now. My concern at the moment is my Mum. She is 68 years old and my son is a lifer. I know exactly what she's thinking, " Will I be alive when my grandson is released?" Truth is, it's probably unlikely but we mustn't think like that, I know. Every time we visit, she breaks down on the way home. She's never said it, but I know exactly what is going through her mind. My son spent many years with her whilst I worked full time, so she is naturally devastated, as we all are. But we can't put our life's on hold, we have to live them and support him the best we can by visiting and keeping in touch writing letters. If the inevitable happens, I will absolutely dread that day. Sorry to be morbid, but I haven't heard or read many stories similar to mine, and their must be sadly. In this sorry situation, all we can do is be supportive of one another. Thanks for your time.