BBC Prisoners Wives - By Guest Writer & Partner of a Prisoner

I'm a partner of a prisoner who is serving 15 years. When I found out that the BBC were making a drama, I cringed, simply because we all know how exaggerated drama's are. But prisoners wives across the country have their own individual thing going on. For example, the picture above. I am not able to hold my partners arm or be that close to my partner. ( even when he was on remand ) Secondly, the way the female prison officer searched through the ladies hair during the search was quite bizarre. That's because I have never been subjected to being patted down so roughly. Other prisoners family members may have experienced it. Different prisons have different procedures. I've visited quite a number of prisons, and no two are the same.
Naturally there will be some criticism from real prisoners wives. But this is not a documentary - it's a drama.
My initial thought was - I hope the series doesn't portray us in a bad light. Some parts in my opinion have. But that's simply my opinion and no matter what, we will still have some members of the public pulling their faces wondering why we would stand by our loved-ones. Be it a documentary, drama, film, they will always have that opinion of us. It really is a situation that no-one can comment on unless they have walked in our shoes. I came across a forum earlier where some were slating, Gemma's, character for trying to get rid of the gun and throwing herself on her belly whilst pregnant. I won't give you the link to the forum because some comments aren't good and attitudes towards us aren't great. But that's nothing new for us. Many people just look at a picture and fail to understand it. I think the drama is great, because I'm watching it as a drama and nothing else. There is no denying that some issues in the programme will affect some prisoners families. A friend of mine, her grandson has recently been sent to prison for murder and the drama has affected her a lot to the stage that she said she won't be watching next-weeks. So remember, those who are defending the drama, give some thought to those who have been really affected by it please.