Cameron - Stop Horsing Around!

David Cameron pictured above with his horse Tori

I thought I would take it upon myself to write about this tax-credit malarkey and how Cameron is going to screw thousands of families over. So my mate, she works 18 hours, and has three kids. She asked her single parent advisor if this new tax-credit rule will affect her. ( I'm talking about how people have to find 24 hours before they qualify for tax-credits ) Her Job Centre single parent advisor didn't know. You would have thought she would have, but she didn't know. Well if she doesn't know then I am screwed if anyone does!!! But I asked someone who works in one of those work shop program things. They said that she would have to find the extra 6 hours to qualify for tax-credits come April. Does Cameron think that companies and firms can pull extra hours from their arse to accommodate their staff? Everyday on the news we are hearing and seeing the effects of the recession with shops ans high street stores going bust and so forth. So how does this tit honestly think that employers can GIVE their part time staff more hours when they are just about keeping afloat themselves? I remember Cameron saying that prisoners getting the vote makes him physically sick. Well the majority of low income families in the UK vomit when they listen to you Mr Cameron. Lets see how many families he will nail in April shall we?