Fighting For Prisoners Families - By Bibby


RE: The above highlighted link

I would like to comment on the post written by Julie. I understand where she is coming from to a degree, but the point of supporting prisoners families is all about the unjust way the Prison system and Government treat the innocent, especially the children of prisoners. Yes it's the criminals fault, and I myself cannot understand why people would keep re-offending when they have a family and children, but in those particular cases, something is clearly wrong in my eyes. But it's all about how prisoners families are treated as a whole. That's why there are charities and campaigners fighting our corner and trying to raise awareness of our situation. We can't do anything about our loved ones being in prison because its impossible. But someone can do something about the way families of prisoners are treated like crap. I cant stand visiting because I am made to feel like a criminal myself and that is not acceptable. I am like any other tax payer, I work and pay my way, I abide by the law, but I am treated like scum by prison guards and the likes of them. Rant over!!!!!!!