HMP Strangeways say no to visit!

I couldn't resist watching, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, last night, as I was intrigued by the preview. Last nights episode showed little Chloe taking her communion in her huge princess dress one minute, and the next she was stood outside HMP Manchester's ( Strangeways) visitors centre breaking her heart. The plan was that Chloe was going to visit her Dad in prison ( wearing the dress)after she took Holy Communion. But due to traffic problems, they were 20 minutes late for the visit and Chloe's Dad was taken back to his cell. The documentary focused quite a lot on prison issues last night, but seeing Chloe crying her eyes out outside the prison was heart-wrenching. The documentary also showed HMP Manchester releasing the prisoners. Chloe's family were made to wait over 3 hours before the gate opened! Piss take I'd say! Especially when the family arrived in time for his release in the morning. But that just goes to show how prison's treat families. I'd say you couldn't get much more proof than that!