It's The Criminals Who Are To Blame - By Julie

I would like to have my say on the story.. Strangeways Say No To Visit. ( Link Above )
I watched.. My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.. and I have experienced the prison journey with a partner in prison.. in from 2006 - 2010. What I don't get sometimes is the fact that some people blame the prison and the system. A typical example was on the Gypsy Wedding programme when the little girls mum blamed the prison on not letting her ( jailed) hubby attend their daughters communion? Sorry, but the sole blame is on the dad!!! I'm not saying that the system doesn't treat families like crap.. because on many occasions they do, but some people are far too quick to jump on the systems back and throw the entire blame on them because they are in this situation. I find it a bit odd that some people do that because the guilty ones who are locked up should be ashamed of what they are putting their loved ones through period!!! Doesn't the blame lie on the criminals?

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