Moorcroft Debt Recovery Issues

Anyone else had hassle of these bunch of tossers? I was at an old lady's house the other day and like thousands of other people who get behind on their water bills - she was no different. I was told that, Moorcroft Debt Recovery, was ringing her on a regular basis, sometimes up to 4 times a day, off different numbers, demanding money from her. Well first of all, United Utilities, are equal tossers for letting these moron's at, Moorcroft, buy the debt. If the Government read our blog, which we have been told they do, then why are they allowing, Moorcroft Debt Recovery, to put people in hospital? Yes, exactly, they are putting people in hospital by bullying them. So, I went to the old lady's house, and I answered the phone. I then gave them MY NUMBER to contact the lady in future, and since, I have had the best laugh ever by taking the pure piss out of these animals! Oh, don't get me wrong, I have contacted, United Utilities, asking them why they too have bullied an old lady and made her ill. ( They are looking in to the debt now. ) It's amazing how you get results by standing up to bullies isn't it? I also would like to ask a few of our 'legal' blog readers, whether someone with mental-health issues can sue Moorcroft Debt Recovery, for injury, as one client of theirs has been hospitalised due to their harassment. ( Incoming calls can be proved etc ) Please contact me via our blog email. If you read other online forums concerning this company and the way they treat people, you will see evidence that there are hundreds of more complaints!