A Mother In Prison

( Via Facebook )

Hi. I have been reading your blog and I am surprised that there aren't many posts that cover women in prison. My mum was in prison and was released three months ago after she served 5 years. I had some good friends around me but I had some bitches too especially at college. I never announced to everyone that my mum was in prison but somehow everyone found out easily enough. She was convicted of drug offences and was a known prostitute where we lived. I would rather not speak about it but you can imagine what my upbringing was like. That's why I focused on an education and if I ever have children, I want them to live an honest life with an honest mum. I did get bullied and I got bullied even more when my mum was sent down.
My auntie ( Mum's sister ) took me in a lot because my mum was either pissed or high on drugs. It has had a major impact on my life, but I have managed to turn it around in to something positive. I had two choices didn't I? Move on or go down the same road as mum getting pissed to block out shit that I had seen over the years. I was lucky to have counselling and I get stronger by the day. My message to parents who put drugs before their children is - it may be an addiction and a hard one to beat, but drugs damage children more than the people who use them. Drug addicts can get rehabilitated but no amount of rehabilitation can erase the nasty shit that I have seen over the years. Thanks for listening.

( message edited with permission from the person who wrote the above )