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Prisoners Wives Episode 5

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I too enjoy the BBC drama Prisoners Wives. I enjoyed reading your review and I also think that Harriet is loopy but she's just fab. I can't believe how real the drama is, especially in the case of Mason Bell who was placed in to foster care because his mum ( Lou ) has been convicted of drug dealing. This actually happens to children and it upsets me so much. Luckily at the moment I do not have children yet but my husband is in prison and a girl on our estate was placed in to foster care recently because her parents were selling drugs from their house, so this really does happen. I loved the little girl to bits and I often think about how she is getting along. Such a sad situation but the drama does also show us that their is room for change and light at the end of the tunnel for Lou and Mason Bell. I am looking forward to watching next weeks programme to see what happens to Lou and what happens to poor Gemma. I also think that Gemmas character is very brave and their are women like her too who do the right thing by the law and not their men. Thanks.

( from Pauline via Facebook )