Prison and Cancer - By Partner of a Prisoner

Hi. I am a partner of a prisoner who is serving a life sentence. Firstly, can I just say that I did feel the first episode of, Prisoners Wives, was quite good. I look forward to reviewing it in length after the series has finished. What I am about to talk about is prisoners families and cancer. five years in to my partners sentence, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Having cancer and a partner in prison is just devastating. Because I was so ill, I couldn't visit and could hardly write on my bad days. keeping my partner in the loop with my treatment was hard and this put a huge strain on him. He was put on suicide watch and said that if I died, then he was following me. The communication situation between us was dire. It still is because I'm still fighting the disease. I would like similar stories to mine to be spoke about. Prisoners family members with cancer find it almost virtually impossible sometimes to maintain ties with their loved-ones. The treatment and its side effects sometimes mean we haven't the strength to speak to anyone on the phone as we sleep frequently. This is the first time I have spoken out about it because after watching the BBC drama, many of us have so many different issues to deal with. And cancer is one of them. Macmillan nurses have been angels and have helped me so much, even though some of them have little or no experience with prisoners families. I have read a few stories about prisoners suffering with cancer in prison. But I have rarely come across stories about their partners or wives fighting cancer whilst their loved-one is serving time. Sending my love to each and everyone of you.

By Anonymous ( Via PFV email ) PFV has protected the person's name.