Prisoners Wives - A Cruel Comment

Dear Prisoners Families Voices. I have found your blog through Google and wanted to write about the BBC drama, Prisoner's Wives. I believe that the production team received information and stories from real prisoners wives. I was in two minds whether to watch it, because I always feel that any programme that covers prisoners families issues, make a right mess of it in some form. The pregnant woman's story was touching and there are ladies out there who are in her situation. But moving on to the next woman who's husband is serving years for drug trafficking, the drama didn't mention that she knew about it, and if she didn't, then why the big house and fancy car? My best friend said that she doesn't feel one bit sorry for women who knew that their partners were in to crime. So it will be interesting if next week sheds some light on the other characters. I hate talking about my experience because my teenage daughter nearly committed suicide through bullying. Yes, she was bullied because her dad was in the paper after being convicted of a serious offence which I would rather not go in to.
We all have our very own personal experiences in this situation. The BBC could make series, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, with the amount of different stories and experiences some families have to go through. Not every issue can be covered in a six - part drama. A cruel comment I saw on a forum reviewing the drama, said, " Well we had Footballers Wives, and now it's back down the ladder to the scum of the earth wives." It's not a shock to be slated by the general public and it is to be expected as the drama unfolds. I'm looking forward to next weeks instalment. Thanks for listening to my views.

( Received via email by a prisoners wife. )