Prisoners Wives Drama Brought Back Nightmares For Me - By Anonymous

Hello to everyone. My husband is in prison for manslaughter and the BBC drama brought back so many bad memories for me. The main character who's husband is on remand for murder, was shown a little kindness at her workplace. For me, it was a whole different experience. When my husband was on remand, I was bullied at work and even had some awful pranks played on me, because the other workers called me 'sick in the head' for standing by him. I wasn't asked to resign, but they basically forced me out of my job because I couldn't take any more. This then left me in financial hardship because I had never claimed benefits before, I had not got a clue what to do or who to see. The drama for me brought back nightmares and some of my neighbours have asked me in a snide way whether I watched the BBC drama and was anything in it true. I guess this is what some of us prisoners wives will have to put up with whilst the drama is running. As for whether I thought it was a good drama, well I would prefer to comment when I have watched the full 6 part. By the way, this is the first time I have seen your blog and it's really good. Sending love to others in this situation. x

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