Prisoners Wives Episode 3

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My only comment is that with loved ones already involved in the criminal justice system, I'm finding it very hard to believe that those on the outside would willingly choose to do either something illegal or wrong. Me, I don't even exceed the speed limit. ( Carol email ) Anonymous ( via email ) I thought it was a bit unfair that some people on your blog rubbished the drama before the storyline started to get going. you can see by tonights episode that new things are beginning to unfold and all in all I think its excellent. Missyblew02 ( via email ) when I first heard about this drama coming out I thought OMG not another prison programme!!! all prison programmes can affect prisoners and their families and everyone will have their opinion whether they are appropriate to air ect, but this drama can only make families come forward who have never wanted to talk about their issues before and this gives the charities a better idea of just how many prisoners families are affected by different things. I think the drama is great!!!! I think it gives the public an insight and it is definately raising awareness. I'm sorry for the families who have been affected but at least now they know that there are places they can go for support. Adele ( via email ) hi. I'm commenting purely on being a prisoners wife myself. other prisoners families I have spoken to say they are watching it to criticise it to see how real the BBC have got it.. because they are real prisoners wives and partners but from my own opinion.. I think they have done a fab job. If you prison visit then you will get to know that there are allsorts of different kind of people that prison visit so I think they have got that balance bang on.. I wasnt that blown away with the first episode but now things are unravelling I think it is really really good.. I am a bit peeved that Gypsy Wedding is on at the same time so if there is a next series.. I hope the BBC dont clash!!!! ( You can still email us at the above address with your comments )

Emm ( via email ) No one can say that last nights part 3 was rubbish!!! It was bloody brill!!!!

marrianne ( via email ) prisoners wives last night was sad, funny, emotional and shocking all rolled in to one. I thought after the 1st part it would be boring but even Gemma is coming out of her shell and I reckon we will see a stronger side to gemma now. The bit when Francesca sprinkles weed killer in the shape of a dick was sooooooo funny :-) last night was the best so far. a double thumbs up for sure.

Tez ( via email ) I agree with your readers comments. Last night's episode 3 was good and the storyline is now gelling together. At last there was some humour in there too! There was also some warnings too for idiots who decide to smuggle shit in prison! I didn't like the ginger girl Lou but I am warming to her. You can't expect the drama or any drama for that matter to go with a bang on the first episode. I related to some of it because my ex has been in prison and I've done the visiting thing.

Anonymous ( via email ) love the drama and the only negative thing is Gavin's acting skills! Urgh they suck!

Lindsay ( via email ) Im a real prisoners wife as well and I was howling laffin at harriet and gavins sketch, it was pure comedy, Im not sure if it should have been but I just loved it. Even watched it on iplayer again!