Prisoners Wives Episode 5

I thought episode 4 was good, but last nights ( episode 5 ) was even better! I adore, Harriet, simply because she is batty! But beneath that eccentricity is a good natured women who quite clearly has a heart of gold and steps in to rescue the lost soul Lou. Some reviews of the drama have slammed it for not including the humour element, but clearly those that have are lacking in humour themselves! Needless to say the hot talking point of last nights episode was the brilliant Franny and Paul getting their oats - a different kind of porridge might I add! Their 'quick' antic got a few smirks and even a smile from Gemma in the visiting room! Talking of which, when is the poor lass going to have some fun? She's pregnant, stressed out, and loves a man who duped her at the alter. After us seeing Steve's true colours, many would wonder why she carries on visiting the dope! Gemma is pretty, lovely natured, kind, hard working, and my word she could do twenty times better! But you have to feel for Gemma because it looks like the husband who claims his undying love for her is about to cause her a shed load of grief for sticking him in to the Police. Will they resolve it? We will have to wait and see!
Gavin? I'm still really not sure what he is all about apart from he obviously has some issues. I felt sorry for Gav last night. The lad is trying and was proud of his Victoria Sponge whilst the prison chaplain gives loony Harriet the eye and compliments her blouse. Loved everything about last night episode and can't wait for next Tuesdays! There is even a DVD coming out in March!

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