Prisoners Wives - My Reality

There are some serious cases of prisoners families being affected by their loved-ones stupidity. Or is it a mistake? Would some prisoners family members prefer to use the word 'mistake' because it sounds better? Apart from the innocent and the genuine ones, the word is 'stupidity' in my eyes. The BBC drama, Prisoners Wives? It appears some prisoners WAGS have taken offence with some of the content on this blog. Tough. It's a blog for families to voice their opinion. I once voiced mine about prisoners families charities not doing enough, and I still by it. I'm in this situation, and just because I am a prisoners wife, doesn't mean I have to agree with other prisoners wives. But there are certain prisoners wives that make me howl laughing! I don't think the BBC drama has covered any of them. But it's the ones that claim to have no knowledge about their men being involved in criminal activity. Their husbands work in Burger King, and somehow are able to afford three holidays abroad a year, two cars on the drive and gold any Chav would die for! How does that work on minimum wages then? And yet I have come across so many that sob their little hearts out when their men are arrested and sent away on an all inclusive holiday courtesy of, Her Majesty! Some prisoners wives wear outfits on visits that cost more than my car, yet they claim Assisted Prison Visit money, and openly admit they are struggling on benefits. Now, these are the prisoners wives that no-one wants to talk about aren't they? Because all everyone wants to hear are the rotten stories about how difficult prisoners families have it. And yes, many do, there is no denying that. But what I don't get, are the ones that need cyber hugs because their man has been sent to prison for the 5th time. WTF is that all about? Ah, but she loves him and wants to stand by him. Yet the same people in this particular situation say: He made a mistake! Five times in jail is no mistake! Three times in jail aint no mistake either. But because I like the BBC drama, and I really do, I would hate for them to create a character as such. Imagine that? Imagine the feedback then? But despite what the BBC Prisoners Wives fan-club think, this is reality. Real life prisoners wives who reap in their husbands benefits and come crashing down when it all comes on top! So does anyone out there want to have a rant about what I think? The BBC drama is a drama. It is not Dispatches and if you honestly think it has been made to raise awareness, then doctors and nurses would be thriving off the likes of Casualty and Holby City! But I do really enjoy watching the drama. It doesn't mean that my opinions of certain issues surrounding it will change my views, because it won't.