Stress For Prisoners Children


RE: The above highlighted link - From lisalouie via PFV email

I was a bit annoyed at the post by Julie. We all know that our loved ones are in the wrong and no one denies that nor do they justify what they have done. People who campaign for prisoners families are raising vital awareness of what the situation does to families and how it affects us and children of prisoners. You only have to watch the BBC drama on TV, Prisoners Wives, to get some idea of how imprisonment can have a devastating and depressing affect on children. Half of the time children of prisoners have to put up with bullying, stress, trauma, lies, and God knows what else!! There are loads of problems that families have on their shoulders when having a family member in prison. My partner is in prison and I get annoyed with him because of what he has put me and my little one through. So Julie, I hope you never have to go through any of this and thank yourself lucky that you don't feel the need for support.