T'Internet reaches prison - By Prisoner Ben

Well, the prison service version of the internet, which isn't quite the same. Still, it allows them to claim we do have internet access and so you should be informed as to what this actually means. It means access to the JobCentre vacancies database. Whoohoo! At some point it is hoped that there will be access to the Open University website. And that, folks, comprises the totality of what the prison service calls the internet, and that is in Open prison to boot - where we can legitimately access the real Net whenever we are out and about in the community. How the prison service responds to technological change is a consistent indicator of how forward thinking they are, of how elastic and creative the corporate mentality is. And yet again, they have shown themselves to be extremely timid and completely lacking in imagination. It needs a particular sort of bureaucracy to take an incredible opportunity and squander it so magnificently.

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