UK Judges In Court - By Stu Darlington

By Stu Darlington

My niece once asked me why Judges wear wigs and stupid outfits.. I didn't know the answer so I asked, Prison Widow UK:

Prison Widow UK comment: OK, well it's like this. Judges wear wigs and stupid costumes in order not to get recognised - why else would they wear giant sanitary pads on their heads? No normal person would go out in public dressed like that would they? So, it stands to reason that Judges definitely wear fancy dress so no-one knows who they are.
Prison Widow UK tips on how to make a Judges costume: For the wig, buy a pack of large maternity sanitary pads and stick 5 together in a row. Make another row of 5 then stick the two rows together. Buy two hair-clips and attach the Judges wig to your head and, hey presto! You have a Justice wig! For the outfit, buy a long-sleeved top from, Primark, and throw a red poncho over your head. And there you have it - your very own Queen's Council outfit!