Action For Prisoners Families - Feedback Required


We at Action for Prisoners’ Families are looking at the effects of the levy on prisoners’ wages that was announced by Ken Clarke in the autumn – we want to get an idea of what the effect has been on families. Please could I ask you to put the following on the Prisoners Families Voices blog: We at Action for Prisoners’ Families are collecting evidence on the levy on prisoners wages that was introduced by the government recently – the effect of which is that 40% of the pay of prisoners who go out to work goes to Victim Support. So what are your feelings on the scheme?

 Has your relative been affected by this levy?

 Has it stopped them contacting you or meant that they’ve had to do without things in prison?
 Does it mean that you have had to send in more money? 
 Have you got any other experience of how its working in practice?
 Do you support the scheme overall?
 Tell us your experiences in confidence – contact Sarah Salmon / 020 8812 3600 or see our Facebook page More info on us at